Bike Shop Business Planning & Strategy

Running a bike shop is more difficult than ever. Shops are closing faster than they are opening. The shops that have a core focus and strategy will be playing the long game and not the race to the bottom. The Shift Up team will help you come up with a business and marketing strategy to not only compete but to change the game of bicycle retail.

Bike Shop Marketing

Your bike shop deserves a marketing plan that is well designed and executed on. From local search results, social media, email campaigns, content creation to event marketing and paid media campaigns – our team has done it all from Fortune 500 brands to providing incredible bang for the buck results to the smallest of shops.

Bike Shop Web Design & SEO

We have strong opinions when it comes to a bike shop’s web design and SEO efforts, and we have the results to show for it. Here are a few:

  1. You should own your content
  2. It should mirror your brand story and deliver an excellent user experience
  3. Your website should be built to drive real results

Let’s build something that surpasses all three.

Bike Industry Marketing

User Experience Design

We believe that the bike industry is significantly lacking user experience design. This is where you uncover your target user’s needs, goals, and barriers, and then design your product, marketing, or even shop floor plan as a solution. Our team is experienced in user research, surveys, interviews, to designing and testing a product or feature.

Social Media

Starting with a broad social media strategy to down to the daily channel management we have helped every level in the bike industry from brands, to local bike shops, nonprofits, and local urban planning campaigns. Our main goal is always engagement with the target audience that will move the proper KPI.

Content Solutions

The Shift Up team provides the copy, photo, and video for your website, blogs, press releases, and social media channels.