Arleigh Greenwald talks with Melissa Balmer, the Founder of Pedal Love – storytelling and thought leadership tools for growing mindful mobility. We discuss flipping the script of the bike industry by focusing on casual biking and general bicycling. We are kicking off this conversation and want you to add your voice to the conversation at #betterbikeindustry.

The upcoming book Melissa mentions, “The Surprising Promise of Bicycling in America” book with Jay Walljasper coming spring 2018. Find more about Pedal Love and the crowdfunding for the book at

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Crowdsourcing link for Surprising Promise of Bicycling Book:
Martone Cycling:
Black Girls Do Bike:

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2 comments on “Flipping the Script and Focusing on Growth Markets

  1. Gino Torio Feb 2, 2018

    Your thoughts in this podcast reflect my path towards biking. My initial entry to biking was based on a “come to Jesus” speech from my doctor. No one would want to see me in Lycra, and I will NEVER wear it (your welcome). My budget was low and my competitive interest was lower. The magazines, products and shops did not speak to me very well. The fat bike liked riding was met with strange looks. Fast forward: I am a more serious rider and bigger spending customer. Your strategy makes sense and I would be willing to bet adopters will see positive results. I wish you the best.

    • Arleigh Feb 2, 2018

      Gino, thank you for sharing your story! I think in order to grow the industry needs to evolve and open their arms a bit wider to general interest riders.

      Keep the comments coming!