Why Did We Shift Up?

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Why Did We Shift Up?

Bike shops and small bike brands are the core of our amazing bicycle industry. They help create the culture and are often the innovators of our trade. We believe that local bike shops and smaller biking brands aren’t surviving because they are often operating by the seat of their pants or by a “playbook” that worked 5-10 years ago. These small business owners are too busy running the day to day of their business and don’t have the time (and possibly energy) to stay current in trends or to pull themselves out of the weeds of their business to think strategically.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked in marketing agencies managing multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for clients, and also have been in the trenches of bike shops and bike brand management. After spending the last year managing a bike industry brand, Bike Law, I realized my greatest strengths and passions are those pieces that most small business owners do not want to deal with but keep them up at night. Call me a creative operations officer, but I love marketing, creating processes, training, marketing calendars, and distilling big data into digestible reports with actionable steps to follow.

Enter Shift Up Strategies.

Initially, I was providing marketing and strategy services for free to friends. Bike shops, brands, and influencers that needed help with the operations and marketing back-end so they could focus more on the product, service or skill they do well. After 18 months of running as a passion project that I did as favors for friends I have proved my proof of concept and have launched Shift Up Strategies.

“Shift up” means to shift your business into a harder gear. My goal is to teach, lead, and empower businesses in the bike industry to understand the basics of marketing, and to keep them up to date on the things that could affect their operations ROI the most.

Our mission.

I take it very personally that our tagline is “Build a Better Bike Industry” and that is exactly what I plan on doing. Our clients include change makers of bike shops, brands, and even urban planners. We are helping them dial in their messaging, product and service offering to not just SELL to people, but to help solve their biking problems. Our services include business and marketing plans, target persona creation, in-store training, web design, event production, and so much more.

Interested in what I am starting? Let’s get talking!

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